You and me?

Pretty sure we could be a thing.

And not just any kind of regular old thing, but a really super awesome thing.

A wild and messy kind of thing.

A perfectly imperfect kind of thing.

An earth wandering, skinny dipping, kissed by a sunset kind of thing.

We‘ll dance in the moonlight, run barefoot on beaches and let the wind play in our hair.

Mindful moments, breathing deep the air that gives us life.

We are untamed spirits, unbound rebels and lovers of freedom.

Together you and I are going to create magic that’ll leave the world breathless.

So yeah... I totally think we could be a thing.

Elopement Wedding Photographer


Need More?


"Don't be like the rest of them darling"


'Sup gorgeous? I'm Shalene.
(Like Celine, but less French)


So I kind of feel like I'm writing a bio for a weird wedding photographer dating site.
Like, this person wants to know about you and maybe have you be in charge of capturing the best day of their life, so no pressure, but best foot forward, darling.


I'm feeling that first impression anxiety coming on...


Bleck. Okay, shake it off, and just dive in.

I'm an award winning elopement and wedding photographer currently based out of Edmonton, Alberta and I specialize in unique, intimate ceremonies around the world.


I'm lovingly referred to by my close friends and family as 'delightfully weird'.
(Whatever that means - I'll let you be the judge.)

I put a ring on my favourite oddball, grew myself three mini humans and have a strong hippy streak that I'm not afraid to flaunt.

I'm happiest when I'm wearing my poofy pants, photographing couples in love and fermenting strange foods in my kitchen.

I am a full blown extrovert. I thrive when I'm surrounded people, but I'm learning to be more deliberate and invest myself deeply into a few close relationships instead of giving out tiny bits of myself to a lot of people all of the time.

Okay, I'm feeling like that's enough for now.

I'd hate to overwhelm you.

Anywho, we should totally get together over coffee so you can tell me all about you too, because relationships go two ways, amiright?

Talk to you soon!

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At Shalene Dawn Photography, the prices are handcrafted to fit each couple's love story.


I sit down for a no pressure consultation with each couple and listen to exactly what it is they are looking for in their photography experience. Once I have a clear picture of their unique vision, I put together a one of a kind, custom package just for them.


No more having to settle for a package that only 'sort of' fits your needs. Custom quotes are like visiting a knowledgable tailor who takes the time to measure, ask questions, and create a perfect fit from scratch instead of grabbing a budget suit off the rack at a big box store.

Every package is different, but couples can expect to spend an average of
$4,500 for their photography


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Shalene Dawn Photography

Destination and Elopement Wedding Photography in Alberta, British Columbia + around the world

Including (but never limited to)
Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Canmore, Vancouver, Kamloops, Victoria, Kelowna, Rocky Mountains,