Elopement Wedding Photographer

Award winning elopement, adventure and destination wedding photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Available for travel throughout Canada and internationally.

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“Your photographer did WHAT?!”

That’s been my legit reaction more times than I care to count when I hear the (endless) horror stories from brides.

It ain’t easy planning the most emotional day of your life.

It makes it even less easy when other people are assholes and ruin all the careful planning that you’ve already done!

I’ve heard all the stories…

Walked off with the deposit and never heard from them again? 


Double booked and now you’re being shuffled off to a different photographer you don’t know? 


Misses the most important photos of the day? 


Took almost a year to give you the photos? 


Doesn’t reply to any of your calls or emails and then complains that you’re a bad client?

Please, make it stop.

Thankfully, you’re in luck. By the photographer powers given to me I am hereby bestowing on you these 5 simple things you should know before hiring your own photographer!

Now you can ensure that YOU don’t end up in my rather large collection of brides who were… less than thrilled with their photography experience.

Mistake #1
Not meeting the photographer or doing enough research

What if they smell awful?!

You really want that nasty armpit all up in your olfactory senses while you’re trying to kiss the love of your life?


Check the person out. Do your research on them. 

Stalk those yelp reviews the way a bad girlfriend obsesses over texts from what turns out to be just his sister, and now it’s awkward because she thought he was cheating on her and now he’s probably going to break up with her because she’s controlling and crazy.

… Moving on.

Get to know them a bit – do they make you feel comfortable and taken care of? 

Do they really listen to you and want what’s best for you?

And seriously, try a few flavours. Don’t just pick the first photographer that promises fairy tales and rainbows.

Mistake #2
Not viewing a full gallery

Trust me – you wanna see all the goods before you make a decision.

It’s a fact that anyone can take a good photo if they press the shutter button enough times then post it on a website and call themselves a photographer.

You deserve better. You need someone who will deliver consistent, quality results across the whole day, start to finish.

Also, there’s no point having just ONE photo where you look like slave Leia if you look like Jabba the hut in every single other shot. (Just sayin’.) It doesn’t hurt to have someone who knows how to pose you in a natural way in all your photos so you look your sexiest.

And if a photographer WON’T show you a full gallery? Just run. Drop ‘em like a hot potato and move on to the next person on the list.

Mistake #3
Hiring a family friend or amateur

A professional will have a contract.

A professional will have insurance.

A professional will have a well rounded portfolio.

A professional will not throw tantrums.

A professional will have back up equipment and back up your photos.

A professional will know when to be bossy and when to relax.

A professional will know how to put people at ease.

A professional will be able to calmly handle stressful situations.

A professional will do things and be places on time.

A professional will communicate clearly and quickly.

A professional will save you a butt load of time, money and sanity.

So… in case you missed it, I recommend hiring a professional.


Mistake #4
Picking a photographer based solely on price

Surprisingly, this one swings both ways…

There are people who have hired super cheap photographers and got horrible photos.

We all knew that. It’s pretty basic.

But did you know there are also people who have hired incredibly expensive photographers and STILL got hornswoggled?

Yes, price matters, and generally if you are paying more money for photos, you are getting a better quality product, but don’t let price blind you to all else. 

Look at the whole package – customer service, response time, references, reviews, experience, personality…

Sometimes the real gems take a bit of digging to find – they might even live in a different city, but you’ll be so glad that you made the effort!

Mistake #5
Waiting too long

Okay, so you’ve planned out the whole the day, you’ve booked all the vendors, and you are rubbing your newly diamond encrusted fingers in anticipation of emailing your favourite photographer that you FINALLY agreed on with your fiancé after spending too many hours (and one too many glasses of wine) online looking at aaaaalll your options, and sorting them by price, category and skill level.

You fire off the most elegant, convincing, grammatically correct email to the photographer of your dreams only to hear back that they are…. Entirely booked for the year and can’t squash you in.


Start getting a hold of your fave shutter clickers as soon as you’ve decided to get married and ask them what their availability is like so you can remain un-devastated.


Wow, you made it to the end!


You may now consider yourself well equipped to head off on your photography expedition to find “the one” that will make all your photo dreams come true.

Or maybe you’re thinking you and I would vibe really well as a team?
Hit me up. I’d love to meet you!

Talk soon!

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